This weekend, I mentored some awesome student developers at the University of South Florida hackathon, Hackabull!

On day 1 around 6 pm Saturday, I helped them resolve a minor CSS bug on their app. They had just gotten the project to run locally, built a base landing page, but didn't have any core features built. It and it was far from completion for the deadline the next day

The next day I found out I was one of a few judges to rate their project!

When I came to see the demo, I felt like I was looking at totally different app. They built a fully fleshed out stock trading app overnight. A new improved UI, fully responsive, pulled backend stock APIs, charting functionality, and it looked super slick.

All these changes in less than 18 hours. The sheer amount of stackoverflow'ing, coding, and teamwork they did to pull this off is no easy feat

And they won 3rd place! Out of 26 teams that competed!

Fantastic job to Hung Tran, Nghia Vo, Minh Pham and everyone else on the team! So proud of y'all!

(They're also looking for internships if anyone is hiring!!!)

Vincent Tang

Vincent Tang

Occasional Dance Performer. Runs CodeChefs, a coding podcast for junior devs.

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