This weekend was AMAZING!!!!


We know for some of you this was your very first hackathon, and for others you drove all the way from University of Central Florida in Orlando to compete too. For others with more experience, it was really endearing to see all the mentorship go around. Some of you guys pulled all nighters too after we closed up shop at 8 pm, and others just pulled in last minute clutch for presentation time for Sunday. We had 12 different teams in total compete!!!

We had so many awesome and crazy ideas presented here! From an application where you have to scream at a mic to tell a car not to crash (Elon musk would be proud), to an app solving a problem in finding a hackathon team. And projects with Raspberry PI clusters to solve hurricane evacuation logistics to an application connects sponsors to community groups (which definitely interests us)!

Project Pitches and Demos

List of Teams, Projects, and Awards

Hackateams — 1st Place, Best Security Architecture, Best Visual Design

""Hackateams" is a one-stop platform for finding and joining hackathon teams. You can create your own team, list the desired skills in it's marketplace, and compose your optimal team. Simply share the link with anyone that might be interested!"

TEAM - Noemi Nagy, Victor Osuyak, Alicia Diaz-David, Marqus Naulls, Derek Lopez, Ayana Heard

H.O.P.E — 2nd Place

"Hurricane Operations Platform for Emergencies (H.O.P.E.) gathers advance and real-time information to help users navigate in the event of natural or man-made disaster situations. Leveraging IVR, SMS, and Internet-based technology, our goal is to help individuals find important information before, during, and after crisis situations, and inform loved ones of their status and/or location in case of interruption to normal communications."

TEAM - Kevin Wolf, Kelvin McDaniel, Tahmina Amiri, Roberto Montero, Josh Maciel

BURP — 3rd Place

"BURP, takes voice from Ham Radio and convert to phone text message"

TEAM - Desire Banyeretse, Diego Vargas, Anthony Singleton

PortEd — Honorable Mention

"A platform that connects students from across the nation through a video conferencing service to act as a "study buddy" while providing the opportunity to connect in hopes to help alleviate a increasingly disconnected society."

TEAM - Meg Carlson, Christian Manuel, Scott, Vincent Lazo, John

MusicQ — Most Entertaining Concept

"Create, Stream and Collaborate"

TEAM - Chubi, Benji, Anna, Jacob, Josh, Mitchell


"Decentralized locker box for peer to peer goods exchange".

TEAM - Chris Woodle, Muntaser Syed


"Allowing users to search for truths that perfectly match their individual personas."

TEAM - Tony Hill, Kyriq Browne


"Our project is about voice digital signature. We want to reduce the waiting and authentication time. We provide a solution to get sensitive data from our users without having any access to those data, and pass those data to companies that the user allows us to do. We used blockchain technology to ensure our users that their privacy is met. We used asymmetric and symmetric encryption to achieve this goal."

TEAM - Lissette Deza, Erric Kemmer, Yanelin Yamos, Kasra Ahmadi


"Matchmaking App for sponsors and event hosts"

TEAM - Susan Al'Khafaji, Dominick Monaco, Kristopher Gates, Treveon Edwards, Sharon Fahler, Michael Berlet

Mental Solutions

"We used the Cognigy AI to create a conversational mental health aide that interfaces with clients and stores their responses in a MongoDB so as to facilitate better interactions between patients and therapists."

TEAM - Anuj Khemka, Carlos Trevisan, Henrique Gamonal, Maazin Shaikh

Nikola Systems

"A voice activated navigation system"

TEAM - Haritha Diraneyya, Doug, Daryl Docteur, Hasan Safarli, Gabe


"An online bulletin board where anybody can post sticky notes." We have email addresses on file for all members of each team as well as the event judges. If you'd like to interview any of them, let me know and I can coordinate to get them your contact information.

TEAM - Tyler Angley

Prizes Awarded

Check out the awards ceremony here:

TADHack Tampa 2022 Prizes:

"Best of" Subcategory Prizes:

Partners and Support

And thank you to our sponsor Brooksource! And our partners over at Embarc Collective, University of South Florida, High Tech Connect, Synapse Florida

Shoutout to Renee Portenlanger, Raechel Canipe, Evan Erickson, Zachary Duffy, Daniella Diaz for being awesome collaborators!!! Shoutout Alan Quayle for providing the opportunity to host TADHacks Tampa and global sponsorship support!

Shoutout to Charlton Trezevant and Vincent Tang for putting this all together for months on end!

Shoutout to our judges and mentors! Mauro Costa, Chris Ayers, Anne Huttel, Sam Kasimalla, Jeffrey Dupree

Shoutout to our awesome volunteers! Kat Batuigas, Vanessa Ferguson, CIPT, Hung Tran, Nick Trierweiler, Thanh Do, Leann Labelle, P. Eng.


Check out the live stream of project pitches here too!

And a full photo album as well!:

Global Summary of TADHacks here

Event link page here

Github Repos of the projects, summaries of each project, and project timestamps here


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