A little over a year ago, I started TampaDevs.

I didn't have really any long term goals with it - it was just a fun way for me to pave it forward to friends starting their coding career.

We eventually grew really rapidly (like 1300+ members) in just a year. We've hosted 20+ events, tech talks from many amazing speakers, and more. We even helped over a dozen people get their first jobs in tech too!

However, it's grown to the point where Charlton Trezevant and I can no longer fund it ourselves. Hosting events has becoming significantly more expensive in costly for food and venue, especially as our memberbase is continue to grow.

We want to push TampaDevs as a long term component to Tampa Bay's growth as a tech city for years to come, even after our tenure is over.

But we can't afford it

Unless we have funding this year, we'll have to cut down on hosting in-person hackathons, possibly hosting in-person tech talks, food for attendees, and alot of other fun things we have planned in the pipeline.

We don't really like asking for help, so we've postponed this for the longest time. But we need your help to keep the mission going

You can support us at:


Vincent Tang

Vincent Tang

Occasional Dance Performer. Runs CodeChefs, a coding podcast for junior devs.

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