We're officially a 501c3 nonprofit!!!

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible! Totally didn't expect to start a nonprofit with Tampa Devs but here we are!!

We submitted our application status on 11/15/22 last year, and got the approvals way sooner than expected!

Being a 501c3 nonprofit for Tampa Devs has many advantages.

One of those advantages is being able to do tax-write offs as a donor or company

Another advantage is we can apply for government grant funding easier for expensive things like hackathon and other fun workshops we have planned later this year we get cheaper (and free!) SaaS tools, usually 15% discount on most things across the board. Including Gsuite, shopify, google/azure credit, tech soup, etc. These help organize and provide better community tools as a whole

Lastly, can apply for a tax-exemption form, so don’t have to pay taxes on things like merchandise and possibly? food

This overall let's us

More to come on updates at our next meetup!

Basically everything that we set out in our mission statement/values is easier to do/achieve now

Vincent Tang

Vincent Tang

Occasional Dance Performer. Runs CodeChefs, a coding podcast for junior devs.

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