Thanks y'all for coming to our first annual career forum!

Per the intro of our talk, here's a synoposis of the some of the work we've been doing behind the scenes

NonProfit 501c3

Since we got our 501c3 nonprofit status, there is so much work we're doing on the backend. Here's all the benefits we get as an org, that we use to create better community tools for our memberbase

We've been setting up a huge number of infrastructure related work on our github page as well, from projects including our upcoming hackathon website, our one stop shop for upcoming events + volunteer work, the job board, slack syndicators, and more

We're attempting to automate a lot of the boring / unfun work that gets tedious over time. This is mostly marketing levell tasks, so a lot of effort is going into social media automation and branding. Since we're software developers we might as well. Check out our github page for more details

The reason we're doing al these infrastructural changes is because we have seen many past organizations fail after the main organizer leads. Charlton and I want to be able to retire effectively at some point in the future, and know everything is in working order.

Here are examples of past orgs that have been left to ashes in Tampa, years prior

Someday we're going to handoff this organization to others who will take our place. We've added our third co-organizer, Josef, who's been absolutely phenomenal

We're going to be adding a 4th person sometime in the future too. And there's a lot of benefits of being an organizer, here are some of them:

And maybe a decade from now, a list of leaders who will train on the next level of leaders for tampa devs

Vincent Tang

Vincent Tang

Occasional Dance Performer. Runs CodeChefs, a coding podcast for junior devs.

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