Here is the media kit for Tampa Devs

We use the following color schemas as our logo/brand:

Logo Colors

Red (logo)

Black (logo)

White (logo)

Blue (supporting background color)

Supporting Colors for website / slidedecks

Orange (web-color and slide call to actions)

Gray (web color)

Green (web color)


For our logo and related media content, we use these fonts:

Logo Assets

Below are the logo assets, png format with at least 1000 width so it can be scaled down to preserve resolution. Right click on the image and select the "save as image" to download this to your computer. For context, this is what that should look like:

Now moving onto the logo assets!

We use the blue image as our logo standard. It's used in our thumbnail images for thumbnail images for Slack, Twitter, LinkedIn, social media, etc. It works as a great standalone image that is not used in conjunction with any other marketing or media file, such as a powerpoint. It's 1000x1000 in size

This image is a transparent image at 1024x1024 px, at PNG format. It's used for marketing slide decks, on logo walls with other sponsors for slide decks, and if there is a preferred background color to use with our logo.

This image is used in marketing material where the logo is not entirely known to the audience. We incorporated the "Tampa Devs" text in Segue UI bold so it reinforces what the logo is for. There is a black border on the image that can be cropped if necessary, we suggest using this logo to place on top of large event banner thumbnail images. It's sized as 1800x1800 in PNG format

This image is used as a header on top of thumbnail images. It's great as a linkedin portfolio banner, a youtube banner header, etc. We suggest using this as a header for larger thumbnail images. This is sized at 5000x1000px

This one is a wider resolution file alternative, you can use it to crop the right size background for a linkedin portfolio banner. This one is sized as 6000x600 px

If you need an SVG version of the transparent verison of the logo, it can be found here

If you need any help, please contact us at [email protected]

Bayhacks Hackathon

If you are looking for the BayHacks hackathon logo, we have them provided here as well

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