We're hosting our first technical talk of the year! This talk is in partnership with ReactJS Tampa and will be held be at ReliaQuest over in Harbour Island. You can watch it remotely through zoom - we'll post a link in the comments around that time

ALSO, if you do attend, there will be Fresh Kitchen for catering too!

Talk1 - Introduction to React

React is a JavaScript library meant to supercharge HTML programming. It’s one of the most popular front-end ‘frameworks’, yet learning it can be confusing. We’ll explore some basics as well as some tooling. The goal of the discussion is to go from zero to hero. Open to developers of all skillsets.

BIO: Ryan Harrigan is a Software Engineer working at SugarCRM. Lately, he's done work with codefororlando.org and websites for friends.



SLIDES: https://github.com/RyanHarrigan/minimal_react_project

Talk2 - Git: Rewriting History with Interactive Rebase

This talk will introduce you to Git, the most common version control system. We will talk at a high level about what Git is and how to track changes in source code, then take a deeper dive on Git's Interactive Rebase tool and how it provides granular control over your history revision process.

What you'll learn about:

BIO: Lydia develops scalable data-driven sites for an insurance tech company in Tampa. She graduated from a code Bootcamp in 2019 after changing careers from management consulting. On the side, Lydia loves to meet other developers and help nonprofits build their online presence.


SLIDES: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11OUNglB1lYYuiQvCj9kZOY4MY2fbG4KZ/view


Parking and finding the office can be found here:


For parking, please pull a ticket at the gate upon entering the garage. You will need to keep the ticket that you pull at the entrance gate to exit the garage. When exiting, the ticket that is pulled at your arrival must be scanned at the reader first and then you can scan the validation ticket you receive from us during your stay to cover the cost.

The South doors next to the security desk will be unlocked for the event and that is how you will enter the building.


We're always open to speakers and volunteer help as well! Hit us on our website www.tampadevs.com or email us at [email protected]

Vincent Tang

Vincent Tang

Occasional Dance Performer. Runs CodeChefs, a coding podcast for junior devs.

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