Hey y'all we're hosting an "Intro to IoT" talk at PwC (PriceWaterhouseCoopers). You can also watch it remotely through zoom – we’ll post a link in the comments closer to the event date.

Catering from Panda Express and drinks will be provided from PwC!

Event schedule:

TALK - Home Assistant & IoT using ESP32

Are you curious about the future of what smart homes look like? This talk will be all about Home Automation and IoT and how we’re all using it in our daily lives. The talk will focus on Home Assistant which is one of the most starred GitHub repos, which is an entirely free and open-source software (FOSS) solution to advanced home automation. We’ll cover:

Speaker bio: Jesse Schein is a senior software developer at PwC, he is a full stack developer working on .Net, Angular, Azure and DevOps. His passion is IoT he’s been doing it as a hobby for 10 years. He enjoys watching YouTube on all sorts of topics on Home Automation, Home Improvement, IoT, and Azure.

Parking Logistics:

PwC has Visitor parking in the front of the building and a garage with additional visitor parking. The surrounding restaurants also have parking and valet.

Meetup Link

Vincent Tang

Vincent Tang

Occasional Dance Performer. Runs CodeChefs, a coding podcast for junior devs.

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