We're hosting our another software tech talk at ReliaQuest's West Tampa location! You can watch it remotely through zoom - we'll post a link in the comments around that time ALSO, if you do attend, there will be Fresh Kitchen for catering too!


This event is at the ReliaQuest office near the International Mall (not the one on Harbour Island).

There is a large parking garage attached to this building, attendees can park anywhere in the garage and this does not require any parking validation.

Our office is on the third floor, so just take the elevators up! The doors downstairs may lock, so we will have someone downstairs to monitor and let everyone in. Suite 300


Understanding Application Security

Application Security offers a range of tactical and strategic techniques to identify and mitigate threats throughout the development lifecycle. The main problem? It's complicated! What does it all mean, and how can these techniques be put into practice? Whether you're a developer trying to make sense of Application Security or a security professional trying to understand developers, this talk is for you.

Speaker Bio

Charlton Trezevant, Senior Application Security Consultant at GuidePoint Security, is a software developer and security consultant residing in St. Petersburg, Florida. Since 2015, Charlton has drawn from years of experience in multiple technical domains, using his skills to great effect as a security professional, mentor, researcher, and award-winning participant in national cybersecurity competitions. Charlton has led and participated in vulnerability assessments, strategic consultation, and penetration testing for industries including higher education, entertainment, finance, and technology. His experience includes application and network penetration testing, security auditing, threat modeling, social engineering, network architecture, software development, and curriculum design.


Vincent Tang

Vincent Tang

Occasional Dance Performer. Runs CodeChefs, a coding podcast for junior devs.

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